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So you all again what you read health and in this article I want to show you approximately what equipment we usually pulls him to the water. Although it may sound or look like if a bit strange, because those things will not be so little, but you'd be surprised that all those things you show you now, would we could not have done without them. First, I begin by saying how we just find out what equipment we need. To be honest, we have tried such things fishing and until today we are still just trying to be what we really are suit.When bought the first feeder, on which he was in the beginning, but it served us well for a long time and it was a feeder to the Mikado 90 g and it was saddled DAM Quick reel Finesse 3000, as I said before on this feeder so we actually learned and tried catching the feeder and since then has just sold the whole carp fishing. Well, until we get to the feeder, so we looked for another rod, on which we should not be afraid to lean on, if she got a piece of the trophy. And because we are just beginning to catch on to the feeder so we thought it was Mikado to 90 grams is pretty soft rod that I will not forget then planted a new reels Okuma Longbow 3000 and then found that we just threw even harder. So we have a boffin boffin, until we found the feeder Abu Garcia Diamond to 100g, which was slightly thicker and joined him reel Okuma Carbonite 4000th And here's a report that fielded a long time, yet I could probably tell you what line we most often used, which was from Shimano and now please spooked because we are usually at the time, went to catch the Chrudimka and then we gave at the beginning of eighteen and twenty line and it us that there carp tore and entering the branch, and so we decided we switched to a thirty line. And this is still fielded until today, when we decided to dig up everything. So had all the rods and reels to sell and buy new equipment because we found that even the softest rods by us we had at home so there were medium and the second they were heavy and therefore said "fineness, softness and fineness" , so we had to have a good quality light. Rods We therefore chose Shimano Vengeance to 40 grams and we thought it was a good buy, but well thought be what you give them winches, so they took Shimano Alivio 2500, Shimano Catana 3000 and Shimano Alivio 3000th how we it chose so that you know what each what is his. And it did not take long when we realized that we needed it, too new holdall and clear that it could not be just an ordinary, because the fish you're on the shore to see so she must like ... So they took packaging Team Sensas rods four-chamber and it's really a lot better. And as I said rybařina is a wonderful hobby and now we have chosen a more rods Shimano Alivio Light up to 70 g, which is planted with reels Shimano Alivio 2500 and it is super option as well. Although I certainly say that we took almost everything from Shimano, but mainly because everyone praises it and it really mounts and even that we tried, it really is quality above all else. Others probably will not need to issue otherwise I would probably have fallen fingers ......................















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