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Our Story

 Our story unfolds from the earliest beginnings of our fisheries and the establishment of these pages. These sites are established as the first named team Mikulovice carp under which you already probably know, but then we decided to rename a completely different name, because, as you explain in a moment, so that we understand, and the new name and life of our Site is and will Feeder Team HABAKUK. First I'll start by why such a name? And the answer is, because as you explain it straightaway, so we started to promote and use the carp just technology FEEDER, so we derived the name from the Feeder name as hunting techniques or by our language, ie the Czech Republic, translated as "feeding", Team as the Czech Republic, "team", HABAKUK as in the meaning of "Clouds feed or feed lot." And now I ask you back and I will explain in detail how it all developed ..............................................

First of all started already at the first entries in the fishing license, where we only examined on what we catch and what ever we want to catch fish, whether all or just one taste of the fish, which we specialize. Everyone is free to decide what and how, but we almost everyone put their heads into a meeting to deliberate and so long as we think, so we thought we will focus on carp fish and thus we mainly carp, but if i come amur, so do not be sad and there photo can we do with him, yet it is also cyprinid fish. Although we have discussed the fish, but we had to discuss what fishing technique we operate, whether classical or carp fishing float or feeder, and we figured out. So we decided to classical carp fishing. The question is why this fishing technique?? The first thing we got to it is that we liked the way handling.Second thing was that every angler will appreciate and that is the equipment that we spotted many times in videos where the carp had such interesting clouds widgets that charmed us immediately. Examples are to be a wonderful quality reels with baitrunerem in size from 60 brands of Okuma Longbow, which are mounted on two-piece carp rods manufactured by Chub, followed by the most important stand where we will ask for the cast rods, waiting to be shot from the record carp that we again with happiness overcame his osobáčka. We had also to think about the visibility of the frame, and therefore the stand had to connect electronic bite indicators that filled the visibility at night, and the sound that was there from that we know and also heard the shot to that member. We almost forgot the last things stand and these are called swingers because without them it would just not be the same and it is important that amazing feeling when engaged, as it then begins unwinding fishing line from the reel and the movement of Bite alarms are activated or if the beeper that will begin to publish a melody that there we have it set at the same time and flashing lights and even jumping into the illuminated swingers. Well, what else can I say simply gorgeous disco. As I described everything now, so that's how we fished for a long time, but until such time as we have said over and over that the fish are more and more cautious and this means smoother footage, finer lines, finer tippet, simply finer technique . And so we turn boffin and we came to what must try feeder. A feeder why?? Because it's much more subtle than classic technique carp way that you did not think that when we chose the feeder, so that we do not catch big fish, we just changed tactics hunting, but carp remain forever. Although it was a difficult decision, but we stayed to watch how beautifully catches the feeder as it is gentle and catching it tug the carp is just something incredible. Therefore, we made a tough decision and we sold the classic carp rods and reels and switched to a feeder technology to smaller size reels 2500, 3000, 4000 and must not be missed feeder rods either light or medium. It started us so fun to catch, we have continued until now and will remain forever, too. And it has a great advantage as we see every fine shot and now we can mow than we waiting for them to come to the fish can spit, even though our assembly now what we use to have a guaranteed success. So that we catch and we'll catch a feeder for carp and even other fish. And even after long use reflection sometimes also stand, just lighter and free swinger out there that we do not need. And that's why we're hoping that this way of catching fascinate and other fishermen ................................


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